MandateWire FAQs

  1. What is the procedure if I have forgotten my log in details?

    If you forgot your email address used for registration, please call (212) 542-1245 to contact customer support or send an email.

    If you forgot your password, please visit the password reset page here or call (212) 542-1245.
  2. I'm not usually asked to log in. Why now? 

    Most likely the "cookies" on your internet browser got deleted. All you need to do is re-login. After you login, it should go back to the way it was before this issue - simply click on a headline to go directly to the full report.
  3.  Why am I being asked to log in every visit? 

    Many login problems can be solved by instructing your web browser to accept "cookies" from our website. Please try the following steps to resolve your login issue:

    •    Open your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox)
    •    Click "Tools" on The Menu Bar
    •    From the Drop Down List, select "Internet Options"
    •    Go to the General tab
    •    Under “Browsing History” make sure the option to “Delete temporary files, history, and saved password, and web form information” is Unchecked.
    •    Next, go to the tab marked "Privacy"
    •    Click on the "Sites" button
    •    Enter this in the URL field:
    •    Click on the "Allow" button
    •    Click "OK" at the bottom of the screen
    •    Click "OK" again
    •    Try to login again.  

    Note: Some companies do not allow employees to alter their "cookies" settings. Please contact Customer Support if you still can't login, or if you have any difficulty completing these steps.

  4. I submitted my email address on the password reset page and I have been unable to recover my log in information. 

    First, please check your SPAM/Junk email folder to make sure the email was not misdirected there.

    If not, please note that the email address you key in must be identical to the email address we have on file for you. If you're not sure what email address you're subscribed or you continue to experience difficulty retrieving your login information, please log a case with customer support below and select the "I cannot login" option or call (212) 542-1245.
  5. I'm no longer receiving the daily emails 

    Please contact Customer Support.
  6. How do I search reports written between specific dates? 

    Go to the Advanced Search page and select the preferred date range and click GO.
  7. What is OJEU/RFP? 

    Acronym for Official Journal of European Union. Contains the tender notices published via the European Journal. The newly added RFP area will contain non European and corporate fund’s Request for Proposal.
  8. What is Market Data? 

    Aggregated data on mandate wins, terminated mandates, manager inflows and asset inflows.
Allows you to view trends on Consultant activity as well as trends amongst asset classes. 
  9. What is the Analysis section? 

    A selection of key features from the Deal Analysis, Deal Flow, Consulting Room, Interviews and Profiles and Research sections.
  10. What is Directories? 

    An ever expanding listing of over 3,000 leading European and over 2,000 US institutional investors. The filter option allows users to build lists of targets based on their asset exposure, managers or consultant hired, country, etc.
  11. How often is the database updated? 

    Daily. When an interview is carried out with an investor the fund profile is checked and updated if any changes have occurred.
  12. Do the downloads require a specific system requirement?

    Basic Excel and Adobe are sufficient to download from MandateWire’s website.
  13. What new services is MandateWire currently working on? 

    The enhancement of MandateWire Asia.
  14. How do I get access to areas that are not included in the current licence? 

    It is possible to upgrade the existing license to include one or all the available components. Demo versions, with a limited data range, are accessible from the menu on the left hand side of the main page of the database. To view the data range and the filter options please contact one of our sales reps on +44 (0)207 775 6080 or +1 212-542-1226 for North America. Alternatively you could send us an email via Subscription Enquires.

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